Buddy Up!


Bud is a young monster attending the Monster Festival with his cousin Cuz when he finds out: he has won The Raffle! But the only way to claim The Prize is to climb to the top of the festival and meet with the never-before-seen Monster Council… a tall order for a small monster. But, with friends like these, that shouldn't be a problem!

Buddy Up! is a lighthearted 2-D platforming game about making friends and holding hands. In order to reach the Fair Sky above the Fair Grounds, Bud helps and befriends fellow monsters along the way and, together, they hold hands and lift each other up to higher heights.

A demo for Buddy Up! is available for download here.

Art: Glo Wan

Programming & Level Design: Lci Iarocci

Programming & Sound Design: Yurie Murayama


Final monster sprites.


Fairgrounds mock-up.


Scary House mock-up.

Select Scary House assets. Click to scroll.


Arcade mock-up.

In-game screencaps. Click to scroll.